Robert Maguire2
Robert Maguire
Biographical information

Robbie Maguire


Irish American


June 7th, 1974.
Juniper Hill, San Fierro


19th of March of 2013

Physical description

Caucasian (Irish-American descent)



Hair color

Dark Brown

Eye color


Skin color


Familial and political information
Known family

Randall Maguire(Father-Deceased)
Frances Maguire(Mother-Deceased)


Meadow Park Townies

Miscellaneous information

United Irish Cultural Center

Owned vehicles

Toyota Prius


Robert Maguire was an known and respected member of the Irish-American community of Meadow Park and a rumored member of the "Meadow Park Townies".

Several movements and internal issues amongst the syndicate lead to his escape in early March of 2013 to unknown parts and ultimately lead to his murder in the end of the same month while attempting to make an return to the city.

Early LifeEdit

Robert Maguire was born to a working-class Irish-American family that resided in the neighborhood of Meadow Park to Randall Maguire, a somewhat active and ferverous labor union member and Sandra Maguire.

Pressure started to build up on his young-self by the time his father got fired in the mass lay-offs of the local steel mill Peterson & Sons which lead to the downfall of his father into the spiral of alchool like many other unemplyed to compensate for not being able to provide for his family.

Unfortunatly, Randall ended up on hurting his family more than he wanted to and domestic violence and general arguments were something that was becoming rather common in the Maguire household to Robert's distaste.

Due to the raging battlefield that his house had came to be, Robert seeked comfort in his neighborhood friends and quickly developed strong bonds with them to compensate for the lack of affection that he recieved in the household. The little team of rugrats often was known as an innocent cause of trouble around the neighborhood and a cause for laugter and head shakes all around Meadow Park.

Robert concluded High School despite all of the harships and managed to enter Berkley U. on a varsity-baseball scholarship into Law. He concluded his degree in early 1982 having successfuly entered the San Fierro bar in the next year.

"You said you'd always have our back"Edit

Upon returning to Meadow Park at the conclusion of his law degree with the intention of settling his practice there, he had the somewhat surprise to observe that his "innocent" old pack of friends wasn't stealing chips from Mr.O'Meara's convenience store anymore.

The O'Farrel brothers had rose to the leadership of the local misfit group and had turned it with the intention of making a living out of criminal enterprises and they expected Robert to stick to his friendship vows.

Business wasn't picking up and Robert quickly discovered that he wasn't the one for staying around idling around the office in a desperate wait for a client: with his father fallen victim to an unfortunate fatal traffic accident and his mother stranded at home, he more than ever needed to be able to provide for himself and to make up for the years of poverty and psycological misery that had tormented that household.

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